Debut Album released 2/5 2019 – “Oh!”


New single released 7/12 2018 – “Isn’t Someone There?”

New single released 28/4 2018 – “Lost in April”

New music video released 5/12 2017 – Something Greater (feat. Joie Fine) 

New single released 25/5 2017 – Something Greater (feat. Joie Fine) 

This is the first video of Amaliar for their debut single Hang On.

Video recorded and produced in Stockholm and Stinesminde (Denmark), August 2015 by Buenos Aires based director Santi Lorences (Arizona Producciones). Released May 30th 2016.

Director: Santi Lorences
Production Assistent: Jens Nelsson and Natalie Knutzen
Script: Jens Nelsson and Santi Lorences
Actor (man with bag on his head): Jeremy Halpin
Edition & Postproduction: Santi Lorences.

Music and lyrics: Jens Nelsson

Jens Nelsson: Vocals, guitar
Natalie Knutzen: Solo guitar
Melisa Jiménez: Bass
Deidre Palacios: Drums

Song recorded and produced Natalie “Katten” Knutzen, released at El Sol y la Luna Music 2015. Mastered by The Cutting Room.

Hang on - Amaliar