Amaliar is a rare band.
Not because of their musical constellation, in this world where most of the bands consist of guys playing the instruments and girls being the singers. Neither due to the fact that the language spoken in the rehersals is Spanish, while the lyrics are in English and the ground they stand on is Swedish. It is because nothing of this really matters to their music.

Amaliar refreshes a melodic, organic and rhythmical sound that can be related to rock bands from the 70′s and 90′s, sometimes with the deep and mellow nuances leading the thoughts to grunge. A big part of the experience of the band are the introspective, poetic lyrics written and sung by Jens Nelsson, accompanied by the warm feeling of his rhythm guitar. Another component is the emotional guitarplaying of the lead guitarist Natalie Knutzen. The songs are sustained by the energetic, yet sensitive groove set by the bass player Melisa Jiménez and drummer Peter Lönnqvist.

“Amaliar is a must listen band from across the globe [...] They bring an enigmatic and truthful nature with their lyrics, it’s like poetry but more reachable and relatable for our ears.”

Wolf in a suit, US blog

“Swedes Amaliar are making soul-soothing indie rock that oozes cool. [...] They make music which is impressively poetic given that English is not their native tounge. [...] “Hang on”, seems to take influence from late 1980′s work by The Pixies in bringing together a mixture of soft and distinct sounds, leading to an overall sound which is both laid back and absorbing.”

Never Enough Notes, UK